My philosophy of music education is two-fold. First, music lessons teach problem-solving skills that can be applied to all of life’s challenges: clear thinking, a step-by-step approach, discipline and perseverance applied to a highly-detailed goal. Second, practicing classical music on any instrument cultivates a sensitivity that seems to be rarer and rarer in today’s world. Our culture prizes production values over content, but classical music is just the opposite: no slick packaging, just inherent beauty and excellence.  And today’s music students are tomorrow’s audiences as well as performers –they are stewards of a precious legacy. I feel a deep responsibility to pass on this legacy, and find my greatest joy in helping kids and adults discover the ineffable delights of classical music.



Doctor of Musical Arts, Piano Performance  and Master of Musicology

University of Colorado, Boulder

​​Bachelor of Arts, Music

University of California, Berkeley


I have been making music my whole life, and teaching music for over 30 years. In addition to private piano lessons, my teaching experience includes Montessori training, conducting youth orchestras and choirs, giving workshops and pre-concert

lectures, and directing my summer camp, music FUNdamentals. I perform regularly as a soloist and chamber musician, and I continue to research and write about my special interest, the music and times of the early-20th-century French avant garde.