Lisa has taught piano lessons to both of my daughters, one who started as a young near-beginner and one who was a middle-school-aged intermediate pianist. With both, she has been amazingly thoughtful and innovative and always looking for ways to meet their individual needs and help them learn and enjoy piano. Her approach emphasizes not just the product at the end, but the journey to get there. I am thrilled with the progress both kids have made as pianists under Lisa's guidance, and I'm also confident that they have learned skills that will allow them to be lifelong musicians.                         – Rebecca


My son has had Lisa as a piano teacher for 12 years. She has instilled in him a deep love of piano and playing. She sets high standards for her students while also ensuring they feel confident and comfortable.                         – Dana

Lisa Harrington is an experienced and dedicated piano teacher. I had many teachers over the years and her approach is one that has helped me progress. She is skilled at teaching all levels and takes great joy in her work. I highly recommend her.                        – Carol


I've worked with four teachers in the past, and Lisa is the best teacher I've ever had. Yes, she has a doctorate in piano performance, and she's taught for 35 years, and she herself is a concert pianist, but her real gift is being able to teach you how to play the very best you can, how to see behind the dynamics of the sheet music to the very essence of what these classical composers wanted to to share with the world. They are a gift from the past to us, and Lisa Harrington is a gift in the present for those of us who are lucky enough to study with her.                                                         – Bob



15 weeks: August 28 to December 15 (no lessons Thanksgiving week)

Beginners: 30-minute lessons $900

Intermediate: 45-minute lessons $1,125

Advanced: 60+-minute lessons @ $100 per lesson

Includes materials and performance opportunities 

Lisa is an excellent piano teacher! She has many techniques and insights for practicing independently that make every lesson worthwhile. I have been studying with Lisa for close to 10 years now and I still learn something new at every lesson. Highly recommended for adult learners at any level. And she makes learning and playing enjoyable:)

                                               – Mona