practice expectations

Daily practice is essential to making music lessons worthwhile. Incoming students should understand that they are committing to practicing 6 days a week: 15-20 minutes for beginners, 30-40 minutes for intermediate players, 60+ minutes for advanced musicians.  I give all my students a detailed assignment chart each week, with a step-by-step plan. Eventually they gain the tools to organize their own practice sessions by thinking in “chunks,” doing timed intervals, and prioritizing practice areas.

PLEASE NOTE: I will be taking a sabbatical for the 2016-2017 academic year for a special project. See you in September 2017!


Semester tuition based on 
 •$40/30-minutes for beginners or
 •$50/45-minutes for intermediate students
 •$25 materials/events fee per semester
 •one free lesson per semester
There are no makeups for missed lessons, but in case of scheduling conflicts, students may use the “swap list” to arrange a swap with another student for that week.  On the rare occasion that I have to cancel, I will issue a refund.

adults/advanced students 

•$70/60 minutes payable per lesson
 •flexible scheduling


I am available for private lessons Monday through Friday from 12-8pm.  Currently my schedule is fully booked, but new openings do come up at the beginning of each school year.  Summer is a good time to take a few lessons and find out if it’s a good fit before committing to the full semester.